Social And Health Benefits Of Music Lessons For Children

Childhood Music Lessons Could Benefit Your Brain Later On

Because of this it shouldnt be surprising to learn there are significant benefits of music, especially for children. But beyond the ability to soothe emotionally, music may actually speed up processes within the brain, according to a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience. The research, which followed a small group of 44 people, found older adults who took music lessons during childhood had a faster brain response to speech when compared to adults who had never played an instrument. This suggested to experts reviewing the data that the benefits of music lessons for children included an improvement in how the brain processes sound and information. In the study, those with a musical background had faster electrical responses in the brain when a recorded speech sound was played to them, and even though the difference in response time compared to the non-musical group could only be measured in a single millisecond, researchers indicate the finding was significant.
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“But it should be pointed out that when studying emotional responses to music it is important to remember that all people do not respond in the exact same way to a piece of music and that one individual can respond differently to the same piece of music at different times, depending on both individual and situational factors,” thesis author Marie Helsing said in a statement. “To get the positive effects of music, you have to listen to music that you like.” Helps During Surgery Listening to music while lying on the operating table could help to lower stress, TIME reported. The research, conducted by Cleveland Clinic researchers, included patients — mostly with Parkinson’s disease — as they were undergoing brain surgery.
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Music Lessons Boost Verbal Memory

Researchers say the findings suggest that experiences that activate and alter a region of the brain may improve performance in other tasks supported by that area, much in the same way cross training boosts athletic performance. More Music, More Memory? In the study, psychologists in Hong Kong studied 90 boys between the ages of 6 and 15.
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