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Is Your Child Ready for Piano Lessons?

Talc Tolchin instructs Madeline Sheron over Skype. More photos But plenty are plunging in. Kramer rattled off examples: the saxophone teacher who plies his trade at schools during free periods and resorts to online lessons with those students during snow days. The pianist who spends months with her grandchild in California and has managed to hang on to many students remotely. For the enthused, she said, “it’s a philosophy: ‘This can work.'” An accomplished musician, Tolchin began examining new ways of teaching more than a quarter-century ago, when he produced one of the first series of instructional videos on the market. In time, he shifted to DVD, but competition coupled with free YouTube tutorials eventually slowed sales.
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If a child shows curiosity toward the piano, he or she may be ready to learn more about the instrument. Does the Child Have Enough Background Knowledge? Children should be old enough to have certain knowledge first. Most experts agree that the child must be able to count from one to ten and understand the letters used in the musical alphabet: A through G. Some teachers also believe that the student should have started learning how to read before starting lessons. Does the Child Have a Long Enough Attention Span? Teachers can break up lessons with games if the child cannot focus the entire half hour.
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Piano lessons

Piano lessons are more than a half hour commitment each week. Students should be committed to practicing at least a half-hour every day. 9. Keep the communication lines open with your piano teacher. If there are any circumstances which are making piano lessons difficult for your child, let your piano teacher know. Perhaps there is a divorce or death in the family, or maybe your child dislikes their method book.
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Top 10 parenting tips for successful piano lessons

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Thats a beautiful piece. Yeahhhhhh, I started to agree. The truth is, it used to be my all-time favorite song on the piano gave me goosebumps when I listened to it, sometimes made me drop a tear. But now? I dont know. I feel like because Ive been learning it and practicing it all semester, its lost a lot of its magic. Wow, Im sorry, Devin said, looking genuinely sorry.
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