Michele Rosewoman At The Jazz Piano Christmas Show At Kennedy Center

At this point, her sound is so unified, she couldnt separate the styles it incorporates if she tried. Though she doesnt often perform solo, she thrives on the format. I can play in ways I cant in other settings, she said. The pacing is completely open. Im never locked into one place. You have to control yourself, though or you can overplay in a minute. The 60-year-old Rosewoman, whose petite stature and soft beauty belie the intensity and drive she brings to the piano and her parallel careers, has lived for 35 years in a former government factory building on New Yorks Lower East Side. It has no elevator and for her first five years there, it had no heat.
For more information, visit http://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/music/michele-rosewoman-at-the-jazz-piano-christmas-show-at-kennedy-center/2013/11/26/3d02249e-55e6-11e3-835d-e7173847c7cc_story.html

Jazz Music in the 1920s

The Open Arts Stage is located at 146 Route 130 South. For more information about Tork and his latest work, log onto petertork.com . Also featured For the young and hipster, Triumph Brewing Co. is an indie paradise tomorrow night. The featured act, Aabaraki, describes itself to them as like, taking a late-night subway ride deep into the heart of Brooklyn (with some friends you just met, headed to a party in some abandoned building). Everything is coming at you fast and furious, but with a depth and underlying meaning that might take hours or days to truly understand. For the hipsters and wannabees, no other explanation is needed.
For more information, visit http://www.nj.com/times-entertainment/index.ssf/2013/11/jazz_guitarist_bd_lenz_to_perf.html

Jazz guitarist B.D. Lenz to perform songs from latest album

The actual list of great 1920s’ jazz musicians is incredibly long. Most of the recognized musicians played in famous bands like the King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band, instead of going solo. However, many artists later parted ways with bands like Louis Armstrong, who played cornet for the Creole Jazz Band, and spearheaded the New Orleans Jazz, later decided to perform solo. Pianist Jelly Roll Morton, along with the Red Hot Pepper’s, are other such examples. In the 1920s, jazz bands were made up of three voices and a rhythm section.
For more information, visit http://www.buzzle.com/articles/jazz-music-in-the-1920s.html

The Miami Beach Jazz Festival amplifies local scene

Mood Swings

16. Home to many great acts, the performers sets were nothing short of a masterpiece. View all 5 photos View all 5 photos After a warm welcome from founder and chairman Carmen J. Cartiglia, New Orleans jazz band The Brass-A-Holics began the night on a funky tempo. Interspersed with a few renditions, notably Nirvanas Come As You Are, and Roger Millers Engine Engine #9, and music off their most recent album, The Brass-A-Holics did their best to get the crowd on their feet.
For more information, visit http://www.examiner.com/review/the-miami-beach-jazz-festival-amplifies-local-scene


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