Music Lessons In Toronto

Are kids who take music lessons different from other kids?

Various locations. Toronto Institute for Enjoyment of Music Try saying (or singing) “Toronto Institute for Enjoyment of Music” fast five times — bet you can’t do it, but I bet you’ll remember it now. This hip school near Trinity Bellwoods Park lets you get to know each of their instructors online, and offers lessons on the basics like guitar, piano, and voice, plus banjo, harmonica, ukulele, saxophone, brass instruments, violin and viola, drums, and more. They’ll instruct you just on theory, composition, or digital music, and turn the fun up to the max with group ukulele classes, youth band, choir, adult string ensemble, and drop in guitar group lessons. Students of all ages are accepted. Girls Rock Camp This day camp takes place every summer at the Tranzac in the Annex. Girls aged 8 – 16 can spend a week learning various instruments, playing in a band, writing songs, and performing in a final concert.
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The research paper, “Music training, cognition and personality,” is published in a recent issue of Frontiers in Psychology. Ever since a 1993 University of California study claimed that people performed better on tests of spatial abilities after listening to music composed by Mozart, the idea that music makes you smarter has been embedded in the public consciousness. Moms have been playing “Baby Mozart” CDs to give their kids an intellectual edge, and researchers have been studying and reporting positive associations between music and intelligence. But Schellenberg’s previous research has shown that the ” Mozart effect ” is a myth. People do just as well on spatial tests after listening to a narrated story as a Mozart sonata, and in both cases better than after sitting in silence. “Their performance is better because the music and story are more arousing and enjoyable, and the effect has little to do with Mozart in particular or music in general,” he explains.
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