Classical Music 101b: There’s Nothing To Worry About


Equally unlikely is that you will read much about the totality of 20th century symphonic music in books about classical music, or indeed, in the various news media that review and assess music. Beautiful, passionate, complex and beloved orchestral music — thousands of hours of it — was written during the 20th century — and much of it for the movies. Of course, not just for the movies, but in general, that is where you will find what you will not find in the concert hall. Unlike the concert world, the producers and directors of movies have had no preconceived limits on what constitutes an overriding and appropriate style for their medium and thus the legacy of music composed for films runs a wide gamut of complexity and design. It should be said right up front that not all film music can stand on its own and like many genres of music, not all film music is symphonic.
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Bengal Foundation successfully presented the best artistes to listeners, aficionados and connoisseurs of Bangladesh alike. The festival with the participation of nearly a hundred musicians was a success. To showcase the splendour and diversity of Bangla music, Bengal Foundation and ITC-SRA jointly held a nine-day Bangla Gaan-er Utsab from February 8-16 this year in Kolkata, India. Some 50 artistes from Bangladesh participated in the grand event. This was the first festival of its stature at the ITC Sangeet Research Academy, a home of Indian Classical Music. Many music-lovers of our country were disappointed that last years classical music festival predominantly featured Indian artistes.
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