Bluegrass Music Echoes From Honky Tonks Of … New York?

Bluegrass Music Becomes a Main Character In ‘The Broken Circle Breakdown’

King believes bluegrass fits well here. An intense drive and speed characterizes the three-finger banjo style that Earl Scruggs , in particular, developed in the 1940s. Its perfect for people who ride the subway all day, King says. Still, New York isnt Nashville , Tenn. The city hasnt supported a country music station since the 1980s and features only one bluegrass radio program, which broadcasts from Columbia University.
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The Juilliard Of Bluegrass Music

Local public radio station WAMU (88.5 FM) has offered to make its American University studios available to the group, but its unclear whether many of CABOMAs members will be willing to drive to downtown D.C. and play in a space thats exclusively indoors. With several circles of musicians playing simultaneously, this could prove acoustically challenging, especially with the banjos, Day notes. The jams give rise to musical friendships that extend beyond CABOMAs sessions. Mandolin player Alex Orr recently formed a band with several bluegrass musicians he befriended through CABOMA.
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Many films have tackled this subject, whether through fictional narratives of made up bands or by recounting the lives of famous artists, butThe Broken Circle Breakdowntakes things one step further to showcase the music just as much as those performing it. Living in Belgium, Didier(Johan Heldenbergh) and Elise(Veerle Baetens) do not seem like two people who would be into American bluegrass music, but when Didier invites Elise to come check out a local bluegrass band with him, and Elise realizes Didier isinthe band, she falls in love with more than just the music. The bluegrass music of theThe Broken Circle Breakdownis never restricted to the stage, with the music bleeding into Didier and Elises life as much as their life bleeds into their performances on stage. Themusic doesnt merely accent a scene or help to drive the emotion, it becomes a part of Didier and Elise and follows them through the highs and lows of their relationship.Didier explains that bluegrass is American country music in its purest form and that purity and honesty is what attracts Didier and Elise to the sound, but its also what keeps them from being able to simply perform it without letting their own, personal truths come through.Bluegrass can be fun and lively, but it can also be mournful and sad, and Didier and Elise prove the genres diversity as their performances on stage mirror the ups and downs their life. Just as the music in Walk the Line reflected the ups and downs of John (Joaquin Phoenix) and June (Reese Witherspoon) Cashs relationship, The Broken Circle Breakdown shows how Didier and Elises performances became a direct reflection of their life off stage, and that truth always shines through in their music. The Broken Circle Breakdownuses its musical influence in a powerful way because it does not simply rely on a songs lyrics to say what Didier and Elise cannot express, it allows the actors to use the music as a gateway to express their emotions in all their complicated glory.
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CABOMA’s 30-year jam keeps bluegrass, old-time music fresh

That a student can get an associate of arts degree in country music here feels right. Sometimes, though, it seems like a degree in dreams that are as pervasive and unceasing as the West Texas wind. Just ask Jeff Bailey, a 30-year-old singer-songwriter who moved to Levelland from Bowling Green, Ky. Sitting in the music center with his 2 1/2-month-old son, MacBrennan, Mr. Bailey says: ”My Mom wants me to sing in church, and that’s it. But I have a Garth Brooks dream. I’ve always dreamed of making a living at what I love doing.” Mr.
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