How Important Is Music Education In Schools?


These supporters insist that music is more than an enjoyable hobby and there is some science to back up these claims. A 2007 study published in the Journal for Research in Music Education tied quality music education instruction to improved academic performancespecifically, better scores on standardized tests. A 2005 article in The Midland Chemist found almost all of the past winners of the Siemens Westinghouse Competition in Math, Science, and Technology for high school students played one or more instruments, supporting a long-debated connection between success in music and science. Often times, teachers and parents themselves report that studying music teaches discipline, perseverance, and work ethic. Florida mother Kerissa Blue credits music with instilling a list of positive traits in her 12-year-old son, including patience, teamwork, discipline, and respect. She also observed an increase in his reading comprehension. Her son Krystopher added studying music has helped him with his reading fluency, creating mental images, and recognition of patterns.
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‘Quality music education should be a universal right’

She was the only one from India to attend this conference; that was attended by about 180 musicians from countries like Philippines, China, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. The conference was aimed at making music more interesting for children to learn. “Music is a human right and quality music education should be a universal entitlement. Can we deliver on this vision,” this thought is what inspired Bela to attend this conference that discussed world music. “My objective is to enrich the lives of individuals and community by providing outstanding and varied music education programmes available to all. And this is what the conference provided us with, a colorful spectacle through which we could teach music to all,” she says.
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