Now That’s What I Call Relaxing Classical Makes My Blood Boil

One is to yolk the piece to a starlet everyone’s heard of, preferably someone who made it big on Britains Got Talent . The other is to link the piece to the film score it was part of. So Beethovens Seventh Symphony is tagged with the name The Kings Speech, so everyone will say, Ah, its that one. (As the gloomy left-wing philosopher Theodor Adorno pointed out around 80 years ago, liking and recognising are almost the same thing when it comes to pop hits which is what these numbers basically are.) The third way to make classics palatable is to drown them in nostalgia. That takes work, because although classical music is mostly old, its old in the wrong way. It comes from way back, when people wore wigs and buckled shoes, and no-one can feel nostalgic for that.
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