Bluegrass Music Echoes From Honky Tonks Of … New York?

What was I thinking? Then a lanky man in a cowboy hat walked over. That your instrument? he asked. He looked fresh off the set of a low-budget Western. His black vest was adorned with a silver star and embroidered with the words sheriff of good times. Its mine, I said tentatively. Well, he said, why arent you playing? This was my first pep talk from the man affectionately known as Sheriff Uncle Bob, the grandfather of New York s bluegrass jam scene.
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The Lone Pine Bluegrass Duo takes over Tender Bar + Kitchen

Tonight Max Ward, right, and Mike Siciliano of Lone Pine Bluegrass Duo will be performing at Tender Bar + Kitchen tonight at 8.

The traditional songs are so good, and I think its important to keep those alive, Mr. Ward said. Theres a whole community of people who love this music. I go to fiddle competitions, festivals where we just play music all night long. Its being carried on and Im secure with that. But that doesnt mean the crowd at Tender tonight is going to be a bunch of old codgers. We get a good blend of people, Mr.
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