Bluegrass Music Echoes From Honky Tonks Of … New York?

Bluegrass Music Becomes a Main Character In ‘The Broken Circle Breakdown’

But its more contrived than people give it credit for. Bill Monroe , the father of bluegrass, fused old-time music, Irish influences, jazz, and blues to create a new sound in the 1930s. Through his use of emerging radio technology, bluegrass became popular in Atlanta , Chicago , and cities in North Carolina . As more Americans migrated to urban areas, they latched onto bluegrass as symbol of authentic America the real thing including in New York, where it flourished during the folk revival of the 1950s and 60s. Mr. King believes bluegrass fits well here. An intense drive and speed characterizes the three-finger banjo style that Earl Scruggs , in particular, developed in the 1940s.
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Bach, bluegrass, and blues: Savannah Music Festival coming up

soul gospel blues singer Ruthie Foster

The stripped-down nature of bluegrass allows the music to simply pour out of her. Music is also more than just a shared enjoyment. As an extension of who Elise and Didier are, Didier tries to use the music and their time together on stage to find his way back to Elise as much as she uses the music to push Didier further away. Neither Didier nor Elise try to pitch the idea of performing songs that reflect how they feel to their fellow bandmates, they try to stick to the songs they normally perform to put on a good show, but it becomes clear that the bluegrass music that brought them together may not be enough to keep them from drifting apart. Music can be a dynamic part of a film, but The Broken Circle Breakdown allows it to become a presence all its own as the raw purity of bluegrass keeps Didier and Elise from being able to hide from the truth of their relationship.
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Country, gospel, bluegrass music at Foose Dec. 7

Also think music: Savannah hosts one of the top music festivals in the world, a gathering known for innovative, creative collaborations which honor Georgia roots while drawing top international performers from classical, jazz, bluegrass, Americana and other traditions to the stages of Savannah. The Savannah Music Festival runs this year from 22 March through 7 April. Heres a taste of whats in store: On the festivals opening night, Georgia based gospel group Sweet Singing Harmony Harmoneers with share the stage with award winning high energy bluegrass group IIIrd Tyme Out, while across town The Takacs Quartet, known for their blend of drama, warmth, and humor in presenting classical music, mark their first appearance at the festival with an evening of works by Beethoven, Schubert, and Bartok. In another venue, banjo master Bela Fleck reunites with his original band mates of twenty years ago, The Flecktones, for a range across musical influences from jazz to blues to world music At eleven oclock on most festival mornings, you can catch top classical music artists in intimate performance at the Trinity United Methodist Church, and then at twelve thirty, have another chance to see roots, jazz and pops performers who headline evening concerts at the Noon30 series at the Charles H. Morris Center You can dance to the zydeco rhythms of Nathan and the Zydeco Cha Chas, and take part in salsa dance party on another night Listen in as in as twelve top high school bands play their hearts out in the Swing Central Jazz Competition, and follow the winners through to an evening concert where they will share the stage with jazz greats including Marcus Roberts and Wycliffe Gordon Hear Texas troubadour Ruthie Foster bring together the fiery roots of soul, gospel, jazz, and blues in her work.
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