The L.a. Music Scene Remembers Photographer Andrew Youssef

Concert photos by the L.A. Times

On Saturday, photographer-writer and music-journalism fixture Andrew Youssef died after a long, heartbreakingly documented struggle with colon cancer . He was 38. Since 2006, he had written and shot for his own blog, Amateur Chemist , and publications including Stereogum and the OC Weekly several times a week. One could hardly go to a photo pit at a marquee concert in Southern California without running into him. He was one of the area’s most tireless and enthusiastic music fans, and even after his diagnosis, he continued shooting and covering bands until October (his final concert shoot was for Depeche Mode in Los Angeles ). He chronicled his life in an OC Weekly blog, Last Shot , where music reviews wove into his larger existential thoughts on his condition in his waning days.
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Hindustani music fest to kick off

At this year’s festival to be held in Mumbai from December 5 onwards at Nehru Centre, Pandit Jasraj , Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia , Ustad Zakir Hussain , Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and Shubha Mudgal will share the stage with upcoming artists like Dhananjay Dhaithnakar, Bharathi Pratap, and Dilshad Khan. “The late Pandit C R Vyas, who started this festival in the memory of his guru Jagannath Buwa Purohit, gave classical music a new lease of life by bringing youngsters into its fold,” says Pandit Jasraj. Till about the 1970s, Hindustani concerts were limited to small gatherings funded by classical music lovers. “In the 60s and 70s, baithak-style, intimate chamber concerts was the norm in Maharashtra and Kolkata,” says Vyas’s son and santoor artist Pandit Satish Vyas. Some of the music circles that were set up during that time still survive.
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