Strains Of Classical And Jazz Music In Upcoming Orchestra Concert

Probably what he played in the first concert is what weve come to know as the piano parts in the piece. Rhapsody in Blue also calls for a banjo and saxophones, both of which arent usually included when the orchestra piece is performed. Will Abrams is a new math professor here, and he plays viola in the orchestra, Holleman said. I said something to the orchestra about a banjo part. He came up to me after rehearsal and he said, Well, I play banjo. Ill take a look at it. After the banjos and saxophones, and Hansel and Gretel, the big band, directed by jazz music director Chris McCourry, will perform at an afterglow at 10 p.m. Its really fun, Holleman said.
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Wade In The Water: 5 Jazz Takes On Spirituals

John Coltrane cover

In the years following the abolition of slavery, the Fisk Jubilee Singers introduced the sound of spirituals to many different audiences through concert tours. In the early 20th century, singers such as Paul Robeson and Marian Anderson performed spirituals, and they figured strongly in the repertoire of many New Orleans and revivalist jazz bands. Spirituals were played less often in later years, but their themes of suffering and liberation retained a latter-day appeal for some modern jazz musicians, many of whom grew up knowing and singing spirituals in the African-American church community. Notable recordings were made by performers such as Louis Armstrong, Albert Ayler, Johnny Griffin, Charlie Haden and Hank Jones. Here are five jazz interpretations of spirituals by other artists.
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