Apple Makes Online Music Lessons Easy With Garageband

Joe Lamond, president of the National Association of Music Merchants, a trade group for music stores (where most guitar lessons are held), says the growth of online video lessons has paid off with more-attentive students. Guitar sales even in a recession were up 3% in 2008, he says. He credits the Internet and video games. Posted E-mail | Print | To report corrections and clarifications, contact Reader Editor Brent Jones . For publication consideration in the newspaper, send comments to .
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Childhood Music Lessons Could Benefit Your Brain Later On

Nearly two thirds of schools were failing to provide a good standard of music education – and lessons in one in five were inadequate. In too many of the lessons observed, teachers spent significant amounts of time talking pupils through lengthy learning objectives that were not related to the language of musical sound, the report said. More classes now involve theory rather than practical work Survey evidence showed, very clearly, that pupils made the most musical progress when they were taught in music, rather than about music. Even in instrumental lessons, too much teaching was poor. Inspectors found examples where ensembles were allowed to carry on making a dreadful sound. In some cases, teachers had not shown children how to hold instruments correctly – and couldnt even hold them properly themselves. Boys were significantly less likely to take part in orchestras, choirs and ensembles than girls. Just 14 per cent of primary school boys were involved, against 32 per cent of girls.
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The school music lessons with no… music: Thousands of classes involve barely a note being played

Practice makes perfect: More schools are failing pupils with music lessons involving very little practical learning

Chan, PhD, a psychologist at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, told WebMD. “This strongly implies that the better verbal memory in children with music training is not simply a matter of differences in age, education level, or their family’s socioeconomic characteristics.” Protects The Aging Brain Having musical training could protect your mental sharpness in old age, according to a 2011 study in the journal Neuropsychology. HealthDay reported on the study of 70 people ages 60 to 83, with varying levels of music experience. The researchers from the University of Kansas Medical Center found that the people who had the most musical training in their lives had the best mental sharpness, and scored the highest on brain functioning tests. Prevents Heart Transplant Rejection (In Mice) It may so far only be shown in mice, but it’s still pretty amazing: Japanese researchers found that exposing mice to certain kinds of music was linked with “prolonged survival” after a heart transplant, Miller-McCune reported.
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