Prog Rock Meets Folk As Moulettes Soar In London

She added that that her venerable classical woodwind was played through an electronic filter. Welcome to the world of prog folk, an unusual marriage of traditional British folk music with the prog – or progressive – rock that dominated alternative music in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Moulettes are among the current leading UK practitioners of the sub-genre. They are like a cross between Pentangle and the Kronos Quartet, by way of Kate Bush and early Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett. The band members are not oldies seeking to reinvent their youth.
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Folk music needs a stage to survive: Malini Awasthi

She followed the gurukul style of teaching where, as a student, I lived with her and learnt music. It’s from her that I learnt the correct way of ‘riyaaz’ as well as to become a complete human being. Girijaji is a living example of what makes a great artist. She is generous and gracious. When I went to visit her in Kolkata after her recent gall bladder surgery, I found she’d personally made litchi sandesh, my favourite. Lata Mangeshkar called you her favourite singer. How did you react to that?
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Port Fairy Folk Music Festival Line Up Announcement

Dublins Damien Dempsey is part of a rich bloodline of Irish singers with awards including 6 Irish Meteor Awards (including Best Irish Male and Best Traditional Folk Award). Taking in the wild open spaces of Inner Mongolia and the teaming, churning streets of 21st century Beijing, Hanggais music embraces the looking-glass world of rock, pop and bluegrass as seen and heard by a new generation of Chinese. The six-piece Hanggai encompasses a hell of a lot of tradition, culture, fusion and folklore to produce their unique sound. Love Over Golds hushed harmonies and lush guitars are the striking sound of international duo Singh-songwriters Pieta Brown (US) and Lucie Thorne (Australia), who blend their contrasting styles with effortless natural beauty. National headliners announced in the last round include Archie Roach, Ash Grunwald and David Bridie & The Pills are joined by a further 15 Australian acts including Deborah Conway & Willy Zygier and Shane Nicholson. Deborah Conway has won ARIAs, was annointed Rolling Stone Singer of The Year and has been a significant and eloquent contributor to Australian music for over 30 years. Made with long-time collaborator and gifted guitarist Willy Zygier, Deborahs most recent album Stories of Ghosts has been described as acoustic based folk with minimal layers in the rhythm and harmonic spheres, with respect for the space between the notes.
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