Music Boss For Pebble Hands-on

‘Sound of Music’ hit a high note for family entertainment

MusicBoss for Pebble supports a wide variety of music apps. We set ours to control Slacker as that is the streaming service we use most often. But the setup process allows you to pick which app you want from a list (of everything installed on your device). We are getting ahead though. To start, the MusicBoss app needs to be installed on your phone from the Play Store. Once installed, the first time you launch the app you install the watch portion. The process is simple, and will be familiar to those who have installed other Pebble apps/watchfaces.
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Mr. Mandler’s specialtyhighly stylized music videos that mimic feature filmshas garnered the 40-year-old a list of artists that come back to him again and again. Since 2006, he’s directed three videos for Drake, five for Jay Z and 15 for Rihanna, whose “Diamonds” video has been viewed on YouTube more than 360 million times. Lana Del Rey from Anthony Mandler’s ‘Tropico’ video Anthony Mandler For Mr. Mandler, “Tropico” marks a career shift from music videos to films. Next year, he will begin working on his first feature film, “Tokyo Vice,” based on Jake Adelstein’s memoir about covering the police beat in Japan, and starring Daniel Radcliffe. Mr.
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A Music-Video Hotshot Heads into Features

And while praised for her singing, the American Idol-winning, country-singing pop star’s acting left many audiences feeling cold. “She simply is not an actress, at least not at this point, and her entire performance had the sense of remove that comes from the constant awareness that one is experiencing carefully considered line readings,” NPR reported. In fact, it was the dialogue that suffered the most ridicule. The Washington Post also weighed in, reporting that Underwood was “as flat as the label on a Swiss Miss package of cocoa,” when she delivered her lines. “But she wasnt alone others who ostensibly have more acting experience, especially ‘True Bloods’ Stephen Moyer in the role of Captain von Trapp, struggled with a format that is all but alien to todays TV,” the Washington Post reported. An article in The Daily Beast raises the debate: are we comparing apples to oranges? “The truth is that millions of people tuned in Thursday night to compare Underwood to (Julie) Andrews and then throw her off an Alps cliff when she didn’t measure up.
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